New collection: Raw Beauty

Our new collection includes 13 fabrics with natural, earthy colors and rough textures you can't stop touching.
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Return your covers

To extend the life of the covers as much as possible, we ask you to collect them in a box and send them back to us after reception. Find out how here.
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New collection: New Horizon

This collection contains 8 tactile fabrics with different color palettes. One with many colors, the other fabric keeps it neutral, but above all there is something for everyone.
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New collection: Foundation

Discover our new Foundation collection. A composition of 10 beautiful curtain fabrics with natural textures and colours. Each fabric is striking with its unique properties.
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New ode collection: Apuro

Discover the beautiful fabrics of our new ode collection, Apuro. This collection presents textured fabrics, natural and recycled materials and beautiful earthy and forest green tones.
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New collection: Fury

Our fabrics constantly respond to changing trends. By continuously releasing new collections, we keep renewing ourselves. Discover our Fury collection that includes 11 fabrics with warm, natural colors and textures to dream away from.
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