A practical guide to curtain finishes

Curtains are not only functional, but also play an important aesthetic role in your interior. The finish of your curtains is important in both its elegance and durability.

There are various finishing methods available for the bottom of a curtain, each with its own characteristics. In this article, we will discuss the seven finishes featured in WoonTotaal: single hem, double hem, weighted cord onlock, festooned, decorative feston, unprocessed and span. We recommend choosing one of the first three options for a nice finish.

  1. Single hem:
    A single hem is the simplest and most subtle finish for curtains. Here, the bottom of the curtain is turned over once and stitched in place. This gives a clean and neat look.

    Optionally, you can choose to add an weighted lead cord in the bottom hem.

  2. Double hem:
    With a double hem, the bottom hem of the curtain is twice folded and stitched in place. This provides extra strength and durability, especially for curtains that are opened and closed frequently.

    Optionally, you can choose to add an weighted lead cord to the bottom hem.

  3. Locking in lead weights:
    In this option, we lock a weighted lead cord in place of hemming the curtain. An lead cord provides extra weight which makes the curtain fall sleek.

The options below are possible but rarely used.

  1. Festooned:
    An overlock stitch, is created with a special sewing machine that adds a finished edge to the fabric.

  2. Decorative feston:
    An decorative overlock is similar to an overlock, but it is distinguished by decorative stitches and colours.

  3. Unprocessed:
    This literally leaves the underside of the fabric unfinished.

  4. Span:
    Also known as a tension band, this finish keeps the curtain tight and straight at the top.

When choosing the right finish for your curtains, it is important to consider the fabric, desired look and intended use. Whether you go for a single hem, or an weighted lead cord, the finish plays a vital role in creating the perfect ambience in your home. Choose the finish that best suits your personal style and needs, and enjoy the beauty and functionality of your curtains.